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   We switched to a new Web host on November 7 2007.... Please be patient if things aren’t working as they should- Thanks!!. The site as it sits right now is a work in progress.........

   The most obvious to the “Hovercrafters” out there is the addition of a lot of non hovercraft material. Also notice that ALL the hovercraft stuff is under the “Hovercraft” menu. We have moved to “Hovercraft Purgatory”- Everyone who owned a hovercraft that lived even remotely close has moved even farther away. The “Viper” is going to be put up for sale in the spring.... There will be a video of it before it goes on the sales block. Great craft, but I jusHeli and Met don’t get to use it

   So just what the heck is Going to be on this site? Well? I still do videos... They might not be of hovercrafts, but you’ll enjoy them anyway. Eventually there will be some new stuff on “Radio Control Helicopters”, Kites (hehehe.. “Traction Kites!), and some of the other slightly demented things I’ve been doing.

   We have a lot of acreage here which makes it really nice for doing all this stuff. A five minute walk brings you to the lake (a video featuring Bluegill and Bass?). Another short walk takes you to the gun range (humm... an IPSC video?), and still another takes you to the radio Control flying field (Guaranteed videos from there!). Never a “dull” moment living here- just not good for hovercraftng....Enough for now!

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