Des Plaines River Cruise

Des Plaines River Trip

April 1, 2001

    The trip starting and ending point was Plank Meadow Forest Preserve which is located at the North East corner of Ogden Avenue (Rt. 34) & First Avenue (Rt. 171) in Lyons, Il. The farthest point to the North we reached was officially the town of Wheeling which was about 34 river miles away. Round trip distance was 64.09 miles.

The "Group" and all Crafts

Ron Ramsden, Ken Roberts, Charles Dixon, Stan Flynn, Nick Jokay


Stan's & Ken's Crafts

A "Lovely" shot of my Scat!!

Ken Roberts admiring my Scat!

Scat Attack of a "baby" Dam

Nick and Ken checking out Dam 1

Going up  Dam 2

At the top of Dam 2... coming back down...

At the bottom of Dam 2... after coming back down...

Ken Coming back from Dam 1

Ken full of water...

Ken.... Draining water!!...

Ken... Finally drained....

Nick coming back from Dam 1

Nick Again!

Nick... and a "new" toy..

Nick.... with even more new toys!!

I really MUST motivate myself to take more pictures!!!