Winter Cruise

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"Take-off" point was Burr Ridge, Illinois  and we flew Northeast up the Des Plaines River to "Swan Pond" Park in Riverside, Illinois. The limiting factor going to the North is the "Hoffman Dam" which is in Lyons, Illinois. Swan Pond in Riverside is about 1/4 mile south, and it was open water past this point. We flew past our "take-off" point and continued to the town of Bolingbrook, Illinois. Our group consisted of Gary Jensen with his "Aerocruiser", Stan Flynn with his "Badger", Terry Lobdell with his "AC3", and myself with Son Matt in my "Scat 12HP". We all had a great time!

Terry Lobdell, Charles Dixon, Gary Jensen, Stan Flynn


Gary Jensen.. Playing in the snow!


Launch Ramp


Gary … with Aerocruiser


Stan Flynn and Badger


Terry Lobdell and GPL AC3+R


Charles… again with Scat 12HP and son Matt  


Charles Dixon with Scat 12HP  

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The launch area for this trip was at Ron Ramsden's house on Fox Lake in (of all places!) Fox Lake, Illinois. We cruised from Ron's house North across Fox LAke to the Fox River. We flew the Fox River to a point about 5 miles North of Burlington, Wisconsin and then returned. We stopped for lunch along the way back and did some cruising on some of the other lakes in "Chain of Lakes" area. We caught the attention of a lot of the local snowmobilers.... Man those things are FAST... right up to the open water areas where we just waived and flew on by!! The cruisers in our group were- Ron Ramsden with his "Questrek", Gary Jensen with his "Aerocruiser", and me with my "Scat 12HP".


Me... Tweaking a cold running Rotax!


Powder snow covered.... EVERYTHING!!




Still don't believe it??


Gary doing his "Empty the snow from skirts trick".


Another rest stop...


The "Lunch Stop" in Wisconsin


Another view of "Lunch"